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" We create beautifulness with a gift from nature and save our health and environment. "

Willing Co., Ltd. has started trading in Singapore in 1985 under the name of Hanseong Trading, and especially traded tropical crops such as coffee beans, pepper, dried coconut (Copra) including raw materials of plant-based soap such as palm fatty acid and palm oil.

In addition, we established KOMAT International in Korea in 1989 to have strengthened our position as a trading company. While we established Willing Co., Ltd. in 2009 to have expanded our trading business, we have also focused on the R&D of our cosmetic soaps.

We finally succeed in producing the world’s first producing machine for the finished product of natural transparent soap that only had been able to produce as hand made in 2019 through this process.

Now we have launched Silvio Collagen Cleansing Bars that are good for skin beauty and health as well as people and environment based on abundant knowledge of the raw materials of natural transparent soaps and constant research and development.

On April 14, 2020, we obtained a certificate of completed registration of cosmetics manufacturing and sales business from the Seoul Regional Office of the Food and Drug Administration.

We, Willing Co., Ltd., will approach you with the highest quality cosmetic soaps as a manufacturer and seller.

The History of Soap

About ancient soap

There was also soap in ancient times, but it was a very expensive luxury item.

As industrialization progressed and soap could be produced on a large scale, the price could drop and become popularized. Soap is the No.1 item that medical scientists and historians have listed that saved the most humankind.

People were able to wash their hands and feet every day, and the likelihood of some infections and disease transmission decreased exponentially. Once an epidemic broke out, people were killed en masse as a scale of one city because of the poor personal hygiene that was the No.1 cause.

The Father of Soap

In France in the 18th century, “Nicolas Leblanc” developed a method for mass-producing laundry soda, and, as a result, the unit price of soap was drastically reduced. And the development of the soap manufacturing method continued, leading to the development of a large-scale machine factory, and soap became popularized. Everyone started to wash their body regularly and was able to wash their clothes more efficiently.

The widespread use of soap is one of the breakthrough inventions, which has extended the life span of humankind by 20 years.

About Our Brand

" We always research and develop for your transparent and healthy skin!"

In order to commemorate Dr. Leblanc’s creation of soap, we named our company “Cree Leblanc Cosmetics” that is a combination of his family name "Leblanc" and the French word "Cree” that means create. Now about 240 years have passed, we truly hope to contribute to alleviating skin problems and moisturizing by washing out humankind’s body contaminated with fine dust and viruses. Cree Leblanc Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand, which aims to raise the status of K-BEAUTY by producing the best cosmetic soaps in the 21st century and making good cosmetics.

Silvio Cleansing Bar

Silvio is a plant-based transparent soap brand manufactured by “Cree Leblanc Cosmetics.” In a collection of our brand, we have Collagen Crystal Cleansing Bar, Collagen Pink Salt Cleansing Bar, and Collagen Ecklonia Cava Cleansing Bar, etc.

CEO Message

Willing Co., Ltd. will save the environment and people with a passion for the future and spirit of creation, and love nature and people, and take care of that beautifulness.

Silvio Collagen Cleansing Bars, born from our brand “Cree Leblanc”, have now begun production in Korea thanks to the enthusiastic support from the global market. We will endeavor to further enhance the status of the Korean wave and K-Beauty, which will shine in the world. We will also pay back to our global customers with the continuous development of great products. 

We, all staff of WILLING, will always do our best on the customer’s side in a manner that always values our customers.

Thank you


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